Never underestimate the importance of bodywork. After all horses are athletes! Like human athletes they too need to be seen by various physical therapists to ensure they are performing and can continue to perform to the best of their ability, While minimising the risk of injury.

About Megan

Megan started riding at the age of 10 after being introduced to the sport by her mother who used to ride. She took to the sport like a duck to water and soon began competing in various disciplines such as showing, equitation, show jumping and dressage. In her teenage years Megan fell in love with dressage and currently competes at Advanced Medium level.

After completing high school Megan started working at her local riding school as a work rider and junior instructor. Progressing, Megan moved to Bahrain to seek new challenges and opportunities. She currently works at a private stable in Bahrain as head rider, stable manager, and instructor.

During her time in the equestrian industry Megan worked with multiple horses from various backgrounds, a few of which had previous tendon injuries and back problems. This brought to light the importance of correct training and management. Retraining and rehabilitation became her focus.

Megan noticed that spending so much time in the saddle put strain on her own body, so she decided to start going for regular sports massages to alleviate her discomfort.
After experiencing how much this aided her performance and injury prevention, she felt the need to bring the same relief and benefits to her horses. Megan went on to study and become a qualified Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage Therapist and is certified by and member of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork/Association of Canine Water Therapy(IAABMB/ACWT). Realizing that she could bring more benefits to each massage session Megan has since also become a Kinesiology Taping Practitioner. And currently holds 15 hours and counting of Continued Personal Developement.

Megan started Equisential Equine Therapy to help horses other than those she trains.

The name Equisential is a amalgamation of the words equal and essential because equine muscular health is equally important to injury prevention and performance as correct training.

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